Friday, April 24, 2009

Version 6.0 released on March 31st!

As planned, we released the TIA solution version 6.0 on March 31st 2009. The software and other deliverables are ready for download through for customers and partners.

This represents a significant milestone for us at TIA Technology and a leap ahead in terms of the Service Oriented Architecture we are introducing with version 6.

With the new release and subsequent releases 6.1 and 6.2, customers will benefit from a modern service oriented architecture which fit into a service infrastructure in order to simplify integration and customization of the TIA solution.

This will in turn lead to reduced cost for customers who want to plug TIA into an existing IT infrastructure and at the same time significantly reduce the time to market for new P & C business initiatives and products.

At TIA we are continuing to evolve the solution with new planned features for version 6.1 and 6.2 as well as the delivery of the entire service catalog, which is documented and described in detail with release of version 6.0.

At our upcoming customer seminar in Copenhagen, May 28-29, we will be presenting version 6.0 together with key messages about the future roadmap and plans. Included in that is several keynotes with focus on our customers and how they can expand through increased effectiveness and how we at TIA are dedicated to continued predicatability in or market offerings whilst maintaining agility to deliver immediate value in the current market conditions.

See you at the International User Group meeting, Copenhagen May 2009.

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