Friday, November 26, 2010

TIA relase 6.2 is ready!

For those interested I can disclose that TIA version 6.2 has been released officially today byt TIA Technoloogy and is available from

TIA 6.2 marks the completion of a journey that started with the introduction of the new service-oriented architecture in TIA 6.0, and which now culminates with the delivery of a broad set of additional services on top of a strengthened TIA Solution. Apart from raising the quality bar with a wide range design enhancements and fixes, TIA 6.2 is also very much a feature release, sporting new features in the Policy area (Master Policy and Quote-on-Policy) and new features around the intelligent processing of Claims. A refactoring of Flexible Installment with a new calculation engine for computing installment amounts is also included in TIA 6.2 as well as a completely new and simplified method of handling communication with external third-party interfaces (ICom). And finally, TIA 6.2 is the first TIA version to be tested and released on Oracle Application Server 11g.

TIA 6.2 is available on and is accessible to customers and partners via the normal secured access. To read more about what’s new in TIA 6.2 please refer to the documentation provided with this release, or contact your TIA account manager for more information.

Looking ahead, the next venture is the introduction of a great new modern user-interface with TIA 7.0. This is already in the making and TIA 7.0 is expected to be delivered at the end of 2011.

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