Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first posting - getting started

I have now been at TIA Technology A/S for almost five months - the famous first 100 days+ are gone as fast as a formula one car...

During this period I have been focused at learning and understanding the insurance software business and - not at least - the TIA philosophy, challenges and opportunities. I won't say I've been through all there is to know, but then again I do believe I have picked up a few interesting points.

At TIA we are currently working hard at creating new exciting insurance solutions as well as focusing on enhancing our existing solutions on the market.

In the discussions we have with customers we find a common interest in industrializing the solutions in terms of terminology, processes and capabilities. For this reason we are (among others) spending time looking into IAA/CBM by IBM. The insurance application architecture and the component busines model is interesting because it provides a solid common ground for discussing how to fit into a service oriented architecture.

For the TIA solution and the "SOAfication" of the solution it is paramount to achieve the right level of granularity from the beginning. Not at least because the TIA solution is customizable. We are working on designing the next version of TIA to work in an SOA environment and applying common priciples for this (a good simple document to get an overview of these priciples can be found here.

Another topic we are considering these days is how to achieve a better access to and content for the documentation accompanying TIA. One of the tests we are currently running internally is making documentation available as a TIA Wiki. Any comments/suggestion you may have on this is highly appreciated.

We are also spending time preparing our annual user group seminar to be held in Riga, Latvia this time. End of May we are meeting with customers and partners to discuss common interests. This time the seminar will have a substantial content around the TIA solution and my team is dedicated to bring a lot of exciting sessions and presentations. Stay tuned for upcoming invitations to this event.

Finally - as this is my first posting regarding my work at TIA I am pretyy excited to see whether it is actually gaining interest among the TIA community. Therefore - if you have comments don't hesitate to respond through this blog.


Nigel said...

Hi Flemming.
I think a Tia wiki is a fantastic idea. At some point we talked about the possibilities of making a series of howtos available for the TIA community, but this idea never took off. A wiki page (certainly an area on technical aspects) could be invaluable.

Flemming Louw-Reimer said...

Thanks Nigel. At this point we have a Wiki running internally and currently it's populated with a terminology used in TIA. We are looking into how we can pre-poluate it with TIA books.

Anonymous said...

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