Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A couple of weeks in the life at TIA Technology

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy at TIA. During January we have been working hard on customer cases and the last few weeks the activity level has been even higher stepping up our work with the next version of TIA.

Customer support push
Throughout January the entire development and support team have been focused at our customers and helping out resolving issues and cases on our released versions. A significant number of reported cases have been resolved and fixes are going into the coming service packs for version 5.0 and 5.2 respectively. We have been in close dialog with user groups as well as several customers directly and we appreciate the candid feedback we have got - which undoubtedly will help all customers going forward with solutions to known issues in several parts of the TIA application.

Upcoming TIA User Group seminar in Riga
Since my last posting we have sent out invitations to our user group seminar in Riga. If you are part of the TIA community you should have received this already. If not – let us know at user_group@tia.dk. In this year’s seminar you will get an opportunity to learn about most of the things we are working with at TIA – in product development, sales, support and more. We have planned an elaborate number of sessions with in-depth information about our product and development plans going forward. Additional we are planning to present a couple of key-note sessions with TIA speakers as well as select external speakers. Besides (what we believe) is a very interesting program you will also get an opportunity to link up with colleagues, friends and others from the TIA community in a social atmosphere. I hope to see you at the IUG 2008 in Riga.

TIA LinkedIn community group
Talking about the TIA community – if you are familiar with www.linkedin.com we have now created a LinkedIn group called TIA. If you are part of the TIA community either as a partner or customer, you are welcome to send a request to join this group at LinkedIn – it is a prerequisite that you are registered on LinkedIn. If you do so, the group participation will allow you to search and discover other members in the TIA community and enable you to link with those for business or other purposes. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity. Use this link to request participation: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/50465/0A934B17B336.

In Riga we are also planning to demonstrate and disclose our detailed plan for the upcoming version of TIA. It will be focused at enabling integration of TIA in a heterogeneous IT infrastructure supporting service oriented architecture. We are currently deeply into the work of formalizing the TIA Service Catalog as well as preparing the first application using services exposed by TIA. If you are a customer looking to deploy TIA in a SOA environment or a partner needing to understand our strategy in this area you should definitely be at the Riga seminar to learn about the fundamentals.

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