Thursday, May 29, 2008

IUG report #1

The 7th annual TIA International User Conference has kicked off in Riga with presentations by the chairman of the board, Lars Lysdahl, CIO Alm Brand, Evalds Trucksans /IT and Operations Director AAS Balta and finally Morten B Stener, CEo Tia Technology who is currently speaking.

With a record number of participants of 180 people the scene is set for two very interesting days.

Lars Lysdahl opened the conference commenting on the past year seen from a customer and user group perspective. Some of the things Lars mentioned was focused at making this a fresh start with increased interaction between the user group and TIA technology in terms of product feedback and new development. The coming year will be dedicated to an effort revitalizing the regional user groups and strenghtening the community.

Evalds trucksans gave a very good introduction to Balta, the leading insurance company in the area and a user of the TIA solution. Evalds also gave a good insight into Latvia demographics and the historic perspective of the 800 years old town in Riga.

Morten Steiner is currently speaking giving an overview of TIA Technology's strategy, perspectives on focus areas and a general welcome to the TIA customers and partner.

There is no doubt that people are ready for more information and two exciting days. Stay tuned for further updates from the conference as we move forward.

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