Thursday, June 12, 2008

IUG report #2

After spending two days in Riga with customers and partners I have a very good feeling about where TIA is going as a company as well as a product.

Delivering a conference with broad content focusing on the TIA solution was a deliberate choice from our side in TIA. Considering the feedback we have received so far it was a right one.

During the two days TIA employees delivered presentations describing new features relating to insurance specific processes as well as new technology advances for our Service Oriented Architecture. Based on the very positive reactions from the audience during the sessions, we definately believe we are moving in the right direction and doing the right things for partners and customers.

If you were in Riga, let me know your comments and thoughts as comments and stay tuned to my blog, which in a near future will have new topics around localization as well as insurance specific features.

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